Contract Labour Services

We are one of the confided in associations, occupied with offering work contracting administrations according to the necessities and requests of the client. For doing diverse occupation works, we provide labours on contract premise according to the characterized business gauges.

Further, we ensure that the labours given by us are knowledgeable in their particular space and have total learning of dealing with the machines and hardware. Remembering the budgetary imperatives of our client we offer our labour contractor at market driving costs.

We supply daily wages labours as per the requirement of the company / Organization / Organization. Our trained supervisors are capable of delivering all types of requirements on a day to day basis. We maintain strict records such as ESI, PF and Profession Tax records of all labour.

To provide sound services to our client we do following on priority:

  • We allocate PF and ESIC numbers to all our employees on DOJ.
  • We maintain attendance muster and payroll of all the employees.
  • We arrange for various training programs to keep them updated of the latest technology.
  • We take full responsibility of submitting ESIC, PF, PT and Service Tax challans and other regulatory activities.
  • We calculate the attendance on or before 2nd of each month and submit the bill to company / Organization on 3rd day of each month.
  • For making transparency in the payment we pay salary through salary account only.
  • We submit previous month’s statutory challan with monthly invoice for your record and verification.
  • We submit Contract Labour License and Contract Labour Return as and when applicable.