Security Services

We are also safeguarding your premises by providing security services, which includes Security supervisors and security guards as per your requirements. Our trained security force is specialize to handle any type of issue coming at security gate. We maintain their strict record of statutory compliance and submit to your office regularly.

Our mission is to provide highest quality of service and safety services at your premises. We also provide our valued clients with full spectrum and service in the field of security and safety that reflects the most effective protection and loss prevention methods available.

Our vision is to provide security to our client’s entire satisfaction. Each of our clients require special focus and requirements in the security and safety needs as regard an integrated system and professional guard force. We achieve total assets protection through our integrated programmed approach.

We have dedicated force of field supervisor who carry out checking of all posts 2 to 3 times a weak including night checking. Supervisors render a regular report on the performance of each post.

We Conduct business in a way that instills a sense of confidence in our clients. It’s something that reaches beyond Tuljai HR services competence. It’s a sense of security. You know you choose wisely when you choose Tuljai HR services.

We understand that our clients require a high focus on injury and incident preservation through a productive and methodical approach and our managers, supervisors and operational staff have a suite of safety management tools to assist them to deliver a quality safety service to take the appropriate steps to eliminate the possibility of a report occurrence.

We strongly believe in taking preventive action rather than waiting mishap to take place timely and effective action is initiated to thwart any serious breach of discipline theft, fraud, trespassing or encroachment within our area of jurisdiction we maintain license with police especially considering the existing security scenario.