HR and Labour Law Consultation

Under the Constitution of India, Labour is a subject in the concurrent list where both the Central and State Governments are competent to enact legislations. Both central and state governments have enacted laws on labour relations and employment issues.

Each new business required some type of permit/enlistment or authorization to work legitimately in India. The necessity of these licenses/enlistment or authorization relies upon the sort of business you are working, where it is found and whether fall under the focal/state government ward.

"Tuljai HR Services" is a specialist in these differentiated compliances and will help you in recognizing the particular licenses/enrollment or authorization for your business may require and get every one of these consents for setting up your field-tested strategies in India.

Easy Solutions for Diversified Compliances

  • Registration and Compliance Services under PF & ESIC Act.
  • Registration and Compliance Services under Factories Act.
  • Registration and Compliances Services under Labour Laws.
  • Registration and Compliances Services under Shop & commercial Establishment Act.
  • Registration and Compliances Services under Trade Act., Food and Drugs, Labour License, BOCW Act., SSI, Udyog Aadhar, etc
  • HR Consulting Services, Appraisal, Training, Budgeting, Day to Day HR Functions, HR Letter, Policy Formation, Manual, Formats, etc.
  • Complete Solutions for New Plant/Factory Set Up(Green Field Project Support) All type of Business registration services (Like Labour Contractor, Proprietor, Pvt ltd, LLP)
  • Registration under MPCB (C2E, C20, C20R certificates, SCRAP NOC), MSME (Udyog Aadhar)
  • Providing Factories Act Services (Drafting & Approved Factory Plan, Stability Certificate, Safety Audit, Testing of Lifting & Tackles, Pressure Vessels,Registration/Renewal/Ammendment of Factory License/Factory Plan)
  • Monthly & Annually Compliance under PF, ESIC, PTRC, MLWF & Various Labour Laws
  • Applicable Labour Laws Liasioning Consultancy Services (Online Labour License, Online Registration Certificate (RC), BOCW License, PF Registration, ESIC Registration, MLWF Registration, PTRC/PTEC Registration, Bonus Act, Gratuity act & more)
  • Assessment under PF, ESIC, PTRC & MLWF etc, 7A Enquiry, ESIC Hearing
  • Complete IT& Non-lT Greenfield Proiects Legal Compliances Internal audit under various applicable Labour Laws