Employee Outsourcing

Employee outsourcing is a practice that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads, and hassle-free HR management. Tuljai HR Services Employee Outsourcing Division was formed to cater to a growing need of businesses to reap the economic and operational benefits offered by outsourcing.

Employee Outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative to the expense and administrative burden of a traditional employer-employee relationship.

Outsourcing human resource functions allows our clients to focus on business development and provides administrative relief from many employment responsibilities such as payroll preparation, income tax reporting, employee benefits and workers compensation.

As per the current market scenario employee outsourcing became a widely used HR practice to reduce org cost and give employee all liable statutory benefits. We do employee outsourcing for our clients. We gives, Offer letter, Appointment letter, Salary slip, certificates etc. We are strictly following 100% compliance of outsourced employees and we pay the statutory dues on time.

our service can alleviate your time by taking care of the:

  • Joining of the employees
  • Calculation of pay due to employees
  • Direct deposit of pay into employee bank accounts
  • Appropriate calculation and withholding of PF and EFIS, MLWF, PT contributions and income tax
  • Calculation of PF and EFIS, MLWF, PT contributions to be paid by the employer
  • Deposit of withheld amounts with the Respective Department
  • Payment of Other benefits, bonuses and allowances
  • Printing and filing of monthly and annual employee tax documents
  • Various Components Like: Form No. 16, Add Full and Final Settlement, Basic, DA, HRA, Conveyance Allowance, Bonus, Gratuity, leave