Placement Services / Job Placement

"Tuljai HR Services" is the link between the organization and dedicated candidate. We are bridging the gap between the employer and the employee. Tuljai HR Services is one of the best professional recruitment organization. As a result we have developed a highly specialised recruitment service.

We have built up our enlistment administrations to be revolved around our customers' needs, giving the most qualified applicants as well as the individuals who are the best fit for the organization and position. We are occupied with giving the correct possibility to the correct prerequisite, we have had the option to create ourselves as an exceedingly suggested and concentrated enlistment administration. We comprehend the customer's needs and ensure we give them appropriate hopefuls.

These activities can be time consuming and costly for any company / Organisation as sizeable staff has to be dedicated for the recruitment process. We undertake all the activities, till the penultimate stage so that the company / Organisation is ready to do the final selection of candidates.

We feel that candidate verification is the most important thing that many placement agencies miss out on while short listing them for positions. We take special efforts and use our faithful sources of information to find out full information about a specific candidate. We check to see if the candidate does not have a criminal record, have authentic degrees and certificates, was having good conduct in his previous employment, etc. After company / Organisation shortlists candidates for further processing, we arrange interviews at a time, place and day suitable to the company / Organisation.

The best part about having us as your advisors is we altogether know the difficulties, rivalry, and the present market circumstance. This deep understanding of the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction is just one aspect that keeps us strong in this industry.